Ocean to Ocean, across Eurasia

About the journey

A journey which has never been completed, riding ocean to ocean across Eurasia. An estimated 15,000km, through all terrain that a horse can cross, which will take around 2 years of continuous horseback riding to complete. 
With temperatures reaching -60°C in the Siberian winter and +40°C in the European summer, it is the greatest temperature range man and horse will endure.
The only horses capable of surviving the brutal cold of Siberia in the wild are the Yakut horses. This journey will be completed with the use of 2 of these heroic horses, from Verhoyansk, who will travel the entire distance with me. One road horse and one pack horse.
This journey is the ultimate test of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual endurance.


The Long Riders' Guild

None of this would be possible without the incredible support I have received. 

The Long Riders' Guild has provided me with some of the best equipment for my journey along with an intensive education about equestrian exploration. The Long Riders' Guild is the international association of equestrian explorers.

The founder of the guild, CuChullaine O'Reilly and his wife Basha O'Reilly have been with me every step of the way. I have also been offered incredible knowledge, support and advice from long riders Bonnie Folkins and Ian Robinson amongst others. 

For any of you that wish to begin your own Long Ride, I would highly recommend reading the Horse Travel Handbook. It is the bridge between making your journey a reality from a dream. 


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