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The Plan

The first ever ocean to ocean horseback journey across Eurasia, in conditions ranging from -60C to +40C, covering an estimated 15,000km which will take approximately 2 years of riding to complete. I will ride the entire distance using 2 Yakut horses, one road horse (for me) and one pack horse (for my equipment).

I will ride and live in the wild as much as my journey allows, avoiding all roads wherever possible - one of the best advantages of riding on a horse is you can go where cars can't!

A lot of planning and preparing has gone into making such an extreme journey possible and I am scheduled to depart in January for my last training phase, after which I will began the Long Ride.

Over the next few weeks I plan to travel to Verkhoyansk to purchase my horses, take them to my last training camp and then I will return to England to gather all of my equipment and tie up any loose ends. The last training phase is essential to acclimatise to the extreme conditions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), where winters reach -60C. This will also give me and the horses time to get to know each other well, they are semi-wild so their characters tend to be much stronger, and to figure out our daily routine.

I will be posting videos as I finish all of my preparation, so tune in to see what I'm in for!

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