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A taste of things to come & expedition delayed

Updated: Apr 2

With the current global pandemic putting a stop to many things in life, I've had to postpone my expedition until next year.

Luckily, I managed to get a quick training trip completed in Verhoyansk, The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia.

The temperatures there dropped to a 'warm' -50C, at least I was assured it was warm, and I got to experience what kind of lives the herders of Sakha have as well as learning from them first hand.

So after trying out different horses I finally have the two horses that will be making this historic journey with me and a good idea of what cold really feels like!

We managed to get some filming done this time round to give everyone a little taste of what is to come and whilst the short film is undergoing post production, I hope that you enjoy this trailer highlighting some of the experiences from this trip.

The real thing is going to be on another level entirely so there is a lot of preparation going into it. The short film, when it's finished, will cover some of this preparation, including exclusive interviews with the herders of Sakha.

Stay tuned for more exciting material!

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